Increased gas, power prices come into effect


Increased gas price and power tariff have come into effect as of Tuesday.

“We’ve recalibrated our metre-reading with new gas price and made it effective from zero hours on Tuesday,” Zakir Hossain Nayon, the former president of Bangladesh CNG filling station and conversion workshop association informed.

He informed that all the CNG refueling stations started selling gas to motor vehicles at the new price declared by the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC).

Similarly, all the gas and power generation and distribution agencies also made the new prices effective from Tuesday.

The government has raised the gas price and power tariff by 2.93 percent and 26.29 percent respectively on average at the consumer level effective from September 1.

On August 27, Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) announced the increased prices at an emergency press conference in its office.

According to the BERC decision, the household monthly charge for single burner gas oven was raised to Tk 600 from Tk 400 while double burner oven’s charge was fixed at Tk 650 from Tk 450.

The metre-based consumer’s gas price was increased to Tk 7 from Tk 5.16 per unit (cubic metre) while the price of per unit of CNG was raised to Tk 35 from Tk 30, and per unit gas price for commercial consumers was raised to Tk 11.36 from Tk 9.47.

The per unit gas price for captive power producers was raised to Tk 8.36 from 4.18 per unit while the price for industries was raised to Tk 6.74 from Tk 5.86 and the gas price for tea garden was raised to Tk 6.45 from Tk 5.86.

The consumers using upto 75 units will have to pay Tk 3.80 instead of Tk 3.53 per unit while the consumers consuming between 76 and 200 units will have to pay Tk 5.14 instead of existing Tk 5.01 per unit. On the other hand, the consumers using between 201 and 300 units will pay Tk 5.36 per unit in place of Tk 5.19.

The household customers using 301-400 units will have to pay Tk 5.63 instead of Tk 5.42 per unit while customers using 401-600 units Tk 8.70 per unit instead of Tk 8.51.

The last level household consumers using more than 600 units will pay Tk 9.98 per unit instead of Tk 9.93 per unit.

The power tariff for agriculture was raised to Tk 3.82 from Tk 3.39 under REB areas while Tk 2.51 per unit in other areas.

The power tariff for small industries was raised to Tk 7.66 per unit from Tk 7.42 for flat rate category while it was fixed at Tk 6.90 from Tk 6.68 for off-peak hours and Tk 9.24 per unit from Tk 9 for peak hours’ use.

The power tariff for heavy industries consuming at 11 kv level was raised to Tk 7.57 from Tk 7.32 per unit (flat rate) while they will pay Tk 6.88 per unit instead of Tk 6.62 for off-peak use and Tk 9.57 per unit instead of Tk 9.33 per unit for peak hour use.

Source: Ittefaq