HRW blames govt, opposition for poll violence

The human rights watchdog has recommended actions against those involved in ‘unlawful killings and torture’

The government and rival opposition parties are responsible for the violence during the latest general election in Bangladesh, Human Rights Watch has said.

“These were the bloodiest elections since independence, and unless concrete steps are taken, the situation is likely to worsen,” its Asia Director Brad Adams said.

The press release was issued on Wednesday in regard to the publication of a report of the HRW titled “Democracy in the Crossfire.”

The report said opposition activists created violence, arson and the government retaliated with a “brutal crackdown” ahead and during the January 5 election.

“HRW documented how members of law enforcement agencies carried out extrajudicial executions, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests and unlawful destruction of private property.”

“Authorities should prosecute members of law enforcement agencies found responsible for unlawful killings, torture and other abuses,” the presser said.

Dhaka Tribune has attached a copy of the publication with this report for your viewing pleasure.

Source: Dhaka Tribune