Ganajagaran Mancha part of govt tricks: BNP

Gazipur, Feb 27 (UNB) – BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Wednesday alleged that the government has set up the Ganajagaran Mancha at Shahbagh as part of its trick to hush up its failures and misdeeds.

“The government is devising new tactics to hide its failures and misdeeds over the four years. They’re diverting people’s attention to a different direction by setting up Ganajagaran Mancha at Shahbagh,” he said.

Fakhrul was addressing a pre-council meeting of the party’s Gazipur district unit at a community centre in Boardbazar area of the district.

The BNP leader questioned against whom the youths are demonstrating, saying, “The government has formed the tribunals and formulated the law. They appointed judges and prosecutors and the judges deliver the verdict. Now it’s our question that against whom the new generation are brining allegation.”

Claiming that the people of the country have lost their faith in the Shahbagh demonstrators, Fakhrul said the protesters have hobnobbed with the government.

Once again making his party’s stance clear on the war crimes trial, the BNP spokesman said, “We’ve repeatedly been saying we want the trail of those committed crimes against humanity. But the trial process has to be lawful, transparent with international standard.”

Condemning the disparaging remarks by some bloggers about Prophet Muhammad (SM), Fakhrul said the government is killing and oppressing the Muslim protesters instead of taking action against those desecrated the Islam and the prophet.

He accused the government of pushing the country towards a conflicting situation to hang onto power. “They (govt) have turned the whole country into a death valley by resorting to repressive measures against the opposition.”

Fakhrul said the government has become isolated from people as it failed to fulfill any of its election pledges. “The government knows it very well they will face a miserable defeat in the next general election if it’s held under a non-party caretaker government system. So they’re conspiring to hold polls under a partisan government.”

Source: UNBConnect


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