CMP halts plainclothes raids

It has been decided not to conduct raids with police in plainclothes. Operations can be carried out only with the permission of higher officers and personnel in uniform, a post on the CMP Facebook page said on Friday.

In such cases police taking part in the raid must have their identity cards on them.

The local people have been advised to inform senior police officers in their area in the event of a raid being apparently conducted by plainclothes police.

The post says the steps have been prompted by a series of abductions that have rocked the country in recent days.

The decisions were taken at a special meeting presided over by CMP Commissioner Md Safiqul Islam Friday afternoon.

Check posts have been set up at several entry points to the port city. Besides, police in uniform found travelling in civilian vehicles would be at once checked to authenticate their identities.

Private cars and microbuses will have to abandon their tinted glasses, which made it difficult to spot criminals on the move or to detect crime being committed in moving vehicles.

Police stations have been directed to treat with utmost urgency any complaint of abduction.

Deputy Commissioner (Sadar) Masud-ul-Hasan told the plainclothes raids were being discontinued as they could lead to panic among the people of a locality.

Source: Bd news24