CEC hinting at positive outcome



Dropping a broad hint about a positive outcome following his meeting with UN Assistant Secretary General Oscar Fernández Taranco, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmad on Monday urged all to wait and see what finally happens.


“A significant discussion is going on…let’s see what actually happens. I should not tell you any thing more at this moment,” the CEC told reporters before leaving his office.


Rakibuddin made the remarks as the journalists wanted to know the outcomes of his meeting with the UN emissary.


Earlier in the day, the UN delegation led by Taranco reached the EC secretariat around 2:6pm and held nearly a 20-minite meeting with the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) at the EC Secretariat.


Later talking to the reporters, Taranco expressed his optimism over a peaceful solution to the ongoing political deadlock but said there must be a political will and an attitude of a compromise among political parties.


“I do believe there is a possibility of finding a peaceful solution to the current political deadlock if we’ve a political will, (if) we’ve leaderships, if we’ve an attitude of compromise, most importantly if we’re able to engage in a peaceful dialogue,” he told reporters in his quick but short statement at the Election Commission Secretariat.


Earlier on Sunday, a six-member delegation led by Taranco also had a long meeting with the CEC where Rakibuddin told the delegation that many things are possible if there is any negotiation among all the political parties, but everything has to be done within the legal framework.


The CEC on November 25 announced the schedule for the general election fixing the voting date for January 5 amid BNP’s boycott threat.


On Friday evening, Taranco arrived here amid the country’s murky political situation that has cast a shadow on its January-5 general election.


Meanwhile, the UN envoy had separate meetings with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Opposition leader Khaleda Zia, Jatiya Party chairman HM Ershad, some other political leaders and civil society members to find out a solution to the ongoing political crisis and hold an inclusive election.


Source: UNB Connect


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