Cairo’s relations with Dhaka to remain good on all fronts: Envoy

 Egypt’s relations with Bangladesh will remain ‘good on all fronts’ and the present Egyptian government is ‘purely a civilian one, not backed by army’, said its Ambassador Mahmoud Ezzat here on Monday.

“I assure you, Egypt will have good relations with Bangladesh always, not only at political level, but also economic and between the two peoples,” he told reporters at a press conference at the Egyptian Embassy.

Replying to a question, the envoy said the January 5 elections in Bangladesh were ‘free’ and ‘transparent’ in which Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has won. “Yes, may be Begum Khaleda (Khaleda Zia) boycotted the elections. It was up to her of course.”

On visa issue, Ambassador Ezzat said he had heard many complaints about obtaining Egyptian visa and advised all not to take any support from any broker and not to pay any additional fees to anybody.

“It’s very simple to get (Egyptian) visa. Get your visa directly not through any broker. Just come up with your passport and relevant documents,” he added.

When a reporter asked whether the new Egyptian government is an army backed puppet government, the Ambassador said this is not the case and their government is purely a civilian government led by a political leader and elected by the Egyptian people. “No, you can’t (tell it army-backed). I am sorry; you can’t call it like this.”

Egypt’s former army chief Abdel Fattah al Sisi has enjoyed a landslide victory in the presidential election, claiming 96.9% of the votes. The retired field marshal took the oath of office at the heavily guarded Constitutional Court on Sunday.

Ambassador Ezzat said the President has been reluctant to run for the election at the beginning, but under the pressure from the people who like him and love his leadership asked him to run for the election.

“He was not keen for presidential election. Egyptian people have elected him as the leader of Egypt.”

He hoped that there would be no problem in Egypt and the new President will try his best to stop any kind of terrorism. “We’re now receiving many tourists coming to Egypt…no problem now. I think a good Muslim can’t kill anybody. Good Muslims don’t kill and cause harm to anybody.”

Asked whether the government is backed by America, the envoy smiled and said: “This is a very nice question.” He, however, said good relations between USA and Egypt will continue.

The diplomat said the Egyptians are taking preparations for the parliamentary polls for electing a new parliament which would lead Egypt towards economic development and politically stability.

Source: UNB Connect