BNP smells a rat in Pori Moni incident

Prothom Alo

“The main job of the current government is to deceive people and mislead them. Our journalist brothers are now very active over the Pori Moni issue. Who is Pori Moni? Can’t we understand it’s again a matter of diversion and misleading people?” the BNP leader said.

He said, “When there’re talks over Khaleda Zia’s illness and her release, the country’s democratic situation and the health ministry’s extreme failure, and when the Covid-19 cases keep surging, this Pori Moni issue has been brought to the forefront.”

Fakhrul said it is only possible for Awami League to deceive people and play games with them. “They’re suppressing the entire nation resorting to this tactic.”

BNP’s national committee on celebrating the golden jubilee of the country’s independence arranged the programme at the National Press Club, marking the shutdown of all newspapers except four state-run ones on 16 June 1975.

“I don’t know how much of this incident (Pori Moni’s) is true and false. But seeing yesterday’s incident, I’ve got an impression that everything is now possible in this country. The case was filed for attempting to rape and kill. But he (Nasir) was remanded in a narcotics case,” he said.

Fakhrul also said he could not understand the reason behind placing businessman Nasir on the remand in the narcotic case when he does not own the house from where the liquor and drugs were recovered.


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