BNP in another closed-door meeting

Party sources said 92 leaders of Jubo Dal, Sewchchasebak Dal, Chhatra Dal, Mohila Dal and other associate bodies of the party have taken part in the meeting.

The party policymakers started the series of meetings with the party’s rank and file on Tuesday to take their opinions about the party’s next course of action ahead of the next general election.

The BNP top leaders had also similar meetings with BNP vice-chairmen, advisory council members on Tuesday and with joint secretaries general, organising secretaries, assistant organising secretaries and secretaries on Wednesday.

On Wednesday night, Mirza Fakhrul said they can also hold similar meetings with other leaders of the party in the days to come.

He said their party has also a plan to hold dialogues with different political parties.

BNP formed a 502-member national executive committee through its sixth national council on 19 March 2016.


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