BNP Gives Its Formal Statement On Shahbag Protest

Opposition BNP on Monday finally released its first official reaction to the Shahbagh movement and voiced deep concern that a particular quarter is trying to politicize the youths’.

The BNP last night said it had always been giving positive statements about the emotion and enthusiasm of the youths demanding the war crimes trial as their demands could have logical grounds.

“But the Bangladesh Nationalist Party observes with grave concern that a particular quarter is making an all-out effort to give the demands of the youths a partisan colour,” it said.

BNP alleged that the ruling party is crafting various plots using the state power to divert the youths’ emotion towards an undivided and one-party influence.

Mentioning that the government’s blueprint to confuse the youths has already got exposed before people, the party said the pro-Awami League intellectuals and leaders and activists of the associate bodies of the ruling party are setting fire to the copies of Aamr Desh, Nayadiganta and Sangram at the Shahbagh gathering and threatening to ban the newspapers.

They are also giving various threats to Amar Desh editor Mahmudur Rahman and noted intellectual Paish Karim. “These incidents manifest the return of the 1975 one-party fascist rule.”

The main opposition party denounces and protests these incidents.

In the statement BNP said, “The demand might have some logic, but the movement would have earned more acceptances had the youth included issues like border killings, restoration of caretaker government system and Padma bridge and others corruptions in their agenda.”

Signed by BNP Joint Secretary General Rizvi Ahmed, the statement called upon the youths to remain alert so that the ruling Awami League could not trick them.

“The demands of the youths demonstrating at Shahbagh could be more justified if voices are raised demanding the trial of the war criminals belonging to the ruling party and its cabinet,” according to the BNP statement.

Mentioning that a group of Chhatra League activists led by its general secretary attacked and assaulted female demonstrator Lucky Akhter for obstructing an AL leader from climbing the stage, the BNP statement said the neo Baksali attack has begun at Shahbagh intersection.

It alleged that the ruling party is trying to use the youths’ movement to make its political gain by issuing threats, launching attacks and devising ill-tactics.

Source: TazaKhobor