BGMEA, top chambers urge govt, other parties to resolve standoff

Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association and top chambers of the country organized a human chain protesting blockade and general strike programmes and urging all to resolve the standoff on Wednesday in front of BGMEA office in the city. — Sanaul Haque

Urging the major political parties to resolve the current impasse, Bangladesh’s apparel manufacturers and their allied industries have expressed grave concerns over the standoff which they said was destroying national economy.
Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association organized a human chain in front of its headquarters in Dhaka, protesting the deadly political programmes, such as blockades and general strikes.
Top chambers, such as Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Metropolitan Chamber, Dhaka Chamber, American Chamber, Bangladesh Chamber of Industries and bank and insurance associations took part, among others.
The human chain raised questions before the political parties, such as how wages and salaries would be paid if blockades continue, how bank loans will be repaid, who will take responsibility if a company turns sick.
BGMEA president Atiqul Islam urged ruling party and all other major political parties to find a way out to the crisis. He said the impact of blockade is devastating, and that it is destroying Bangladesh’s image as an apparel sourcing country.
Hundreds of senior officials and industry stakeholders hoisted various banners. Some banners read, ‘Violence killing us’, ‘Don’t want to be victims of political bloodshed’ and ‘Country lives if industrialisation flourishes’
In a press release BGMEA president cited an e-mail of a buyer who said: Is there anything we can do to help stop the violence in Bangladesh?
The e-mail said, ‘It is really becoming a problem for us and our factories. We really need the government to step up and stop the violence or it will have impact (on) deliveries, on time, costs, and even placing future orders.’
The identity of the writer has been kept anonymous.
After the human chain, a BGMEA delegation submitted memorandums to prime minister Sheikh Hasina and BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia.
In the memos, they urged opposition parties to show restraint while observing political programmes and not to sponsor any activities that kill people. The delegation also urged Sheikh Hasina, the prime minister, to ensure enough security to industries and bring culprits to book. The apparel exporters also urged Sheikh Hasina to resolve the crisis politically and save the economy.

Source: New Age