BCSIR to support DCCI to create 2000 new entrepreneurs


Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) will assist the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) in its project of creating 2,000 new entrepreneurs.


The assurance came from a meeting between DCCI and BCSIR at the BCSIR on Sunday. DCCI president M Sabur Khan and BCSIR chairman Prof Dr Ahmad Ismail Mustafa addressed the meeting.


Sabur Khan said the DCCI in cooperation with Bangladesh Bank has taken an initiative to create 2,000 new entrepreneurs in the country, aiming to create new employment opportunities and accelerate the country’s greater economic development.


He urged the BCSIR to provide its innovative business ideas to the DCCI for final selection of 2,000 new business projects this November. In this regard, Sabur Khan proposed to sign a MoU between the DCCI and the BCSIR.


BCSIR chairman Dr Ahmad Ismail Mustafa said if the business projects that the BCSIR now have can be implemented by proper entrepreneurship, the local industry will flourish and huge employment opportunities will be created even in the rural areas.


He assured the DCCI president of all possible support from his organisation to make their current effort a success.


“Ours is an investment-hungry country. We need lot of investment both local and foreign. Creating 2,000 new entrepreneurs will surely meet the demand of investment,” he said.


The BCSIR chairman said the BCSIR has about 950 business projects which remained to be commercially exploited.


He urged the DCCI to come forward to implement these innovations under its project of creating 2,000 new entrepreneurs.

Source: UNBConnect


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