Assign army to uproot drug peddlers: Ershad

Voicing deep concern over the widespread use of illegal drugs, Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad on Monday urged the government to assign the army to stamp out drug peddlers to save the young generation.

“I’m feared and concerned. I call upon the government to give the responsibility to army to annihilate the drug peddlers thus save the youth from the dangerous claws of drugs like Yaba and Phensydil and other drugs,” he said in a statement.

The former army chief cited the example of other countries where army was given the responsibility to deal with the menace. “Situation had gone out of control in our neighboring country Thailand. Thailand is now free from drug like Yaba following stern action by its army.”

Ershad urged the government to give magistracy power to the army so that drug peddlers can be uprooted and the guardians could get rid of anxiety.

“I think we don’t have time to waste to save our beloved country from the drug abuse,” he said adding that no one other than the army can make the country free from drugs.

Ershad said people have the full trust on the army in tackling such social problem as they have been appreciated for their role in various natural disasters like cyclone, tornado and floods.

Source: UNB Connect


  1. Whoever say what, unless death is prescribed for drug carrying and drug running, no piecemeal action will come to effect. Many say people’s awareness should be increased. This is in fact a way the drug control authority and the law enforcing agencies can shun responsibility. What would people do by being ‘aware’? They can at best inform the police of the drug movement; but then they might face the same fate of one Moktar (?) who got killed just half an hour after he had informed the police. What would the parents do to have been aware? Can they watch over their grown up children when they have gone out of sight? Admit or not, two things are extremely necessary here: a. Impart religious and moral teaching both at home and school through stories, biography of great and noble men/women, text book especially suited for the learners from 5 – 12. b. Enact laws to award capital punishment (such as it exists in Singapore/Malayasia) for drug dealers and carriers. Unless these two things are done with real earnestness, no improvement of the prevailing situation is ever possible. Rest assured.

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