‘Amnesty is BNP’s international front’


Amnesty is the international front of BNP because like BNP the organisation has demanded the shutdown of RAB, Awami League Publicity Secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud said.

The AL leader has made the comment in a program marking the 89th birth anniversary of country’s first Prime Minister Tajuddin Ahmed on Wednesday.

The programme was organised by Bangladesh Deshratna Parishad at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity in the afternoon.

Hasan said: “Amnesty is BNP’s international front as it has demanded RAB’s shut down like BNP.”

“Besides, Amnesty has a close relation with the Jews. So, is this reason behind BNP’s silence over Gaza attack?” he added.

Regarding Tarique Rahman’s illness, he said: “He [Tarique Rahman] says he is ill but he visits foreign countries regularly. I suggest him to return and surrender himself before the court.”

Talking about Fakhrul’s recent remarks, Hasan said: “Elderly people with dementia become babbler. All the BNP-backed doctors should do his check up in order to find out if he has dementia.”

Source: Dhaka Tribune