All party govt: A ploy to divide & rule

F R Chowdhury

The prime minister by her clever manipulation has already created so many groups and divisions. They are pro and anti on different issues – one against the other. When she is adamant to hold an election under her own government the opposition is determined not to allow any election under the present government. Most people want a free and fair election under a non-party

care-taker government to be participated by all. The prime minister wants all the chaos and confusion to reach its peak so that she can call a snap election and declare herself victorious. The nation as a whole is worried about the political situation. They have seen lot of violence and destruction. They do not want any more of it. They want peace.
The prime minister has been all the time talking of endless development work done by her. She repeatedly said that her party would definitely win the mandate of the people again. If that is so, then why is she so worried about a caretaker government? Her good work should bring her back to power. The moment she agrees to a caretaker government to conduct the election, all problems are solved. If she considered national interest above her personal and party interest, she should have agreed to this sensible proposal and thereby allow the peaceful continuation of the democratic process.
Unfortunately she again played a clever game. She hoodwinked the nation by proposing an all party interim government. Apparently she showed a gesture of flexibility. Through this proposal she wants to divide the opposition parties – another clever trick. Even if a few opposition MPs join the cabinet, it will not alter anything. The power remains with the prime minister and she will continue to fulfil her evil desires. The unholy alliance of opposition ministers in the cabinet will only give her additional credibility.
The people of Bangladesh are not so stupid. They will not step into this trap. They will not deviate from their demand for a free and fair election under a non-party care-taker Government. They will maintain their unity and carry forward their demand. They do not want to see another BAKSAL in Bangladesh.


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