War crimes trials caused AL’s rout: SQ Chy

BNP MP Salauddin Quader Chowdhury, on trial for charges of crimes against humanity in 1971, has claimed the trial of war criminals is the cause of Awami League’s recent defeat at civic polls.

His friend testified on his behalf at International Crimes Tribunal-1 on Monday.

After the court adjourned for the day, Chowdhury, while conversing with his relatives and lawyers sitting at the witness stand, said the government was “whitewashed 6-0 after the defeat of Awami League endorsed candidate at Gazipur City Corporation polls.”

He said, “The Gazipur City Corporation election on Jul 6 has become my defence witness. Awami League has been defeated 6-0.”

When his lawyer AHM Ahsanul Haque pointed out that it was not six because Awami League lost in five city corporations, Chowdhury promptly added the debacle started with Chittagong.

He said, “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina after losing in the four city polls said democracy has won. They (AL leaders) are assuming it as a mere pneumonia. They are not been able to identify the ailment. It is much more serious than what they are assuming.”

Hinting at the tribunal, he said, “The Awami League thinks Hifazat (Hifazat-e Islam) is the only cause of its defeat. But that is not the case. The main cause is right here (the tribunal).”

Nizam Ahmed, defence witness for Salauddin Quader, claimed the MP had gone to Pakistan three days after the War of Independence began.

Source: Bd news24


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