Stop farcical polls process: BNP to govt

It warns of even harsher prog if polls results not cancelled

Opposition BNP on Sunday night alleged that the government has created a history of snatching people’s voting right through staging an uncontested election.


In a statement, BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir also urged the government to stop the activities of the 10th national election and cancel its results.


He also warned the government that the opposition will make their movement even harsher if the government does not stop its repressive acts.


The BNP leaders said the government puppet Election Commission has staged a drama through managing the election of 154 candidates uncontested in the 10th parliamentary election with the assistance of the administration loyal to the ruling party which he termed unprecedented and shameful.


“We want to clearly state that the government must cancel the so-called results of those elected uncontested and immediately stop the activities of farce election by its subservient administration,” he said.


Referring to the Prime Minister’s remarks that BNP would have been given seats if they joined the election, Fakhrul said the cat came out of the bag through Sheikh Hasina’s such comment. “It has also proved that the Prime Minister never considers people as source of all power and that she has no confidence in people’s vote.”


Addressing a discussion at Krishibid Institution Auditorium on the occasion of the Martyred Intellectuals Day, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday said her party would have given ‘walkover’ to opposition BNP in some seats if BNP had joined the ‘all-party’ polls-time government. “We would have done that in the interest of the country, its democracy and the Constitution.”


The BNP leader also alleged that the government has arranged a stage-managed election with the participation of only five registered political parties belonging to the Awami League-led grand alliance out of 42 parties.


Mentioning that peace and stability will be restored in the country if the national election is held with the participation of all parties, Fakhrul said adding that his party is still did not retreat from its stance on resolving the ongoing crisis trough talks in the interest of democracy.


Accusing the government of initiating an evil politics of killing and making people disappeared by using the law enforcers as a tool to subdue the mass people’s movement, the BNP acting secretary general said this inhuman brutality is sharply deteriorating the human rights situation.

Source: UNBConnect


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