Show generosity, let new generation to evaluate, DCCI to politicians

News - Show generosity, let new generation to evaluate, DCCI to politicians
President of the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) M Sabur Khan on Wednesday urged the two major political parties to come forward with a generous attitude to resolve the political standoff for the sake of the national economy.
“Any one of you (Hasina, Khaleda) can show magnanimity and come forward (to sit for a dialogue) in the greater interest of the economy and people. Just pick up the phone and say let’s have tea and hold discussions,” he told a press conference at the DCCI conference room.
Khan said the entire nation will recall her with respect who will show the generosity. “The new generation will evaluate her generosity.”
The DCCI president said the political parties will have promise that the state power will be changed through a transparent and acceptable election. “A permanent system of holding polls needs to be sorted out.”
Voicing dissatisfaction over the political instability and frequent hartals, he said both the ruling party and BNP will have to finalise a concrete guideline for hartal. “Special security measures will have to be ensured on highways for safe transportation of goods.”
Quoting a former US Assistant Secretary (Christina Rocha) he said, “The whole house is burning but two political parties are fighting for who will be the owner of the master room.”  He said the same situation is prevailing here.
Sabur Khan urged the political parties to shun the path of street politics and requested the political parties to take decision in this regard. “Both parties need to take decision to that end.”
He suggested the political parties to hold rally at Paltan Maidan and Suhrawardy Udyan and broadcast the rallies live from the venue. “It’ll help people know parties allegations, positions and agenda of each other.”
The DCCI president presented a data sheet on the losses caused by the recent countrywide shutdowns.
DCCI senior vice president Nessar Maksud Khan, vice president Absar Karim Chowdhury, directors Osman Gani, Khairul Majid Mahmud, Haider Ahmed Khan, Abul Hossain, Osama Taseer, M Iftekharuddin (Naushad), Humayun Rashid, M Abu Hurairah, Shahidul Islam, Hossain A Sikder, Alhaj Abdus Salam and M Shoaib Choudhury were also present.
Source: UNB Connect


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