Ruling party MPs ask US not to poke its nose into BD issues


Ruling party MPs on Sunday night asked the USA not to poke its nose into issues relating to Bangladesh’s next general election.


They said this while taking part in a discussion in parliament on ‘Strengthening voices for democracy’, marking the International Day of Democracy.


Textiles and Jute Minister Abdul Latif Siddiqui, minister without portfolio Suranjit Sengupta, Tofail Ahmed, Amir Hossain Amu, Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim, Prof Mohammad Ali Ashraf, Dhirendra Chandra Debnath, Advocate Fazle Rabbi Miah, Abdur Rahman, Abdul Matin Khasru, independent MP Mohammad Fazlul Azim, JSD MP Moinuddin Khan Badal and Workers Party leader Rashed Khan Menon took part in the discussion that was proposed by chief whip Abdus sahid.


“There’s a constitution, there’s a vibrant Parliament in the country, we don’t need any master to rule us,” Moinuddin Khan Badal told the House.


He mentioned that democracy in the country is not fragile. “Those who are advising us to sit for discussions I’ll ask them to learn our history first. Don’t try to interfere in our internal affairs.”


Abdul Latif Siddiqui said those who control the world always instigate wars here or there just to sell their arms.


Abdul Matin Khasru said that the USA often makes attacks here or there. “Who has given them the authority to make attacks?  The USA is not democracy’s last resort. Everything has to be done by the United Nations,” he said.


He, however, suggested resolving any crisis through dialogue.


Suranjit Sengupta said the opposition BNP will have to come to Parliament if it believes in democracy.


Regarding the ‘USA interference’, he said the US intention is not still clear. “Where is democracy in Egypt?” he questioned.


Independent MP Fazlul Azim urged the ruling and opposition parties to resolve the crisis through dialogue. “Please, don’t hold people hostage with your confrontational politics,” he said.


Fazlul Karim Selim said there is no scope to revert to caretaker government system or to go for a neutral government. “If we want to strengthen democracy, we’ll have to uphold the Constitution,” he said.


Tofail Ahmed also said the next general election will be held as per the constitution.


Later, the proposal was adopted by voice vote.

Source: UNBConnect



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