Producers eye e-commerce to boost sales


The country’s consumer product manufacturers and fashion houses aim at e-commerce to increase their sales and retain existing consumers through direct sale as well as for branding, thanks to booming online shopping window.

Talking to several giant producers and fashion house owners like Pran, Meghna Group and Arong, the Dhaka Tribune found that they want to increase their sales and expand consumer network using the latest information technology.

“Our aim is to enhance sales in line with the fast expansion of e-commerce and online shopping,” said Murad Hossain, executive of, a sister concern of Meghna Group, told the Dhaka Tribune.

“We do not sell products directly. It would create direct relationship with consumers,” added Murad.

Murad claimed that the consumers would treat their products as branded ones if they compare their products with those of other companies.

“It is an era of e-commerce that helps a company become known globally and to consumers across the globe,” said Sanchita, an executive of Arong online shopping customer care.

Arong has penetrated the online shopping window to reach its products to people’s doorstep, she maintained.

“At present, we have about 500 customers, the number of which rises to 1,000 during festivals.”

The company has proven service record within the country and now it mulls over sending products to international consumers, she said.

Ariful Ambia, head of IT and senior additional director of Walton Group, said the online-based operation is being emphasised considering several aspects, including the market expansion, bright prospect of e-commerce business and swift post-sales services.

The e-commerce operation was introduced in order for the customers to easily get the Walton products sitting at home, he said.

“We are serving our customers with a wide range of products including furniture, plastic goods, clothing products,” Nabajit

Shaha Anik, assistant manager of, a sister concern of RFL group, told the Dhaka


In the era of technology, people are more and more involving in e-commerce, which encourages everyone to embrace online method of doing business, he said.

“The engagement of corporate group in e-commerce or online shopping is a good sign and I think every group should have e-commerce link to expand their network and keep existing customers in touch,” Md Abdul Wahed Tomal, general secretary of e-CAB, told the Dhaka Tribune.

On the other hand, corporates’ involvement in e-commerce will help create link with global consumers as well as brand their products, besides opening new window for business, he added.

“Currently, we are facing challenges in delivery of our products. We are communicating with the postal department and hopeful that we will reach a consensus so that its network can be used.”

According to e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB), there are about 1,000 websites doing business while there are around 7,000 Facebook pages used for business purpose.

The annual online market transaction is about Tk1,000 crore, which is growing very fast, and it will double very soon, said Tomal.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


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