PM’s utterance ominous: BNP


BNP Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said the government’s efforts to thwart the 20-Party Alliance’s agitations would not succeed.

The BNP and its allies, who boycotted the Jan 5 national polls, plan to resume their agitation after the Eid to press for an early re-election supervised by a neutral caretaker government.

However, Sheikh Hasina has rejected the demand outright and said her party, the Awami League, was ready to take on the BNP.

Rizvi claimed in his press meet on Monday that Hasina’s remark indicated that she “does not have to answer to the people” and that hinted at a “bloody confrontation”.

Hasina has also dismissed possibilities of a dialogue with the BNP over the nature of the next elections, saying it will be held in conformity with the Constitution.

BNP leader Rizvi said their post-Eid agitation was aimed at “restoring democracy”.

Source: bdnews24


  1. For the much discussed post Eid movement to be successful, people’s mass participation and the support of the law enforcement personnel is a must.
    What if Khaleda Zia chooses to say the following?

    1. “I am asking all garment workers, Grameen Bank members, and victims of the share market scam to come out in the street and join the movement until this corrupt and illegitimate government bows down to the popular demand of holding a fair and credible election under a neutral government. I am giving you assurance that the next government, elected by the people, will recover all the money siphoned from the banks, share market, Hallmark, Destiny etc and deposited in foreign banks will be brought back to the country and be used to compensate you all as much as possible. Fair financial, industrial and workplace safety will be ensured in garments. Grameen Bank will get back its past glory and religious leaders and followers will be treated with respect. Rule of law, merit and social justice will be established in all walks of life and professions.”

    2. ” I am asking all in the bureaucracy, law enforcing agencies and other institutions who have been deprived by this anti-people government, which only pleased and let its party cadre to build their fortunes at the cost of the nation and the institutions, to come out and join the people’s movement for democracy and good governance. All will be properly compensated once the people’s victory over the current injustice is achieved. Criminals in these agencies will be put into fair trial for their killings and corruption.”

    3. “I am particularly asking the real freedom fighters and the youths, who have been deprived despite their rights and merit in order to accommodate the party cadres and thugs in jobs with false certificates in all sectors, to come out and join the street movements to establish the true spirit of liberation – democracy, freedom of speech and social justice for all.”

    4. “I am asking the democracy loving people of Bangladesh irrespective of religion, age, profession and political orientation to join the movement to establish their voting right and a government of their choice without any delay. No one will return home until this unelected and oppressive government agrees to hand over power to a neutral government.”

    The following may be selected as the theme songs of the movement:

  2. The call fits well in the present context but I very much doubt if Begum Zia would be brave enough to do so. As she is now at bay she may take a skin saver garb but what she failed to do during the 10+ year term what she would be able to do if gets power is very doubtful. Hitherto she has failed to master strong popular support by making popular demands. She should leave her personal problems aside and move for popular demands and only then people may be persuaded to respond to her call.

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