PM says those responsible for killings will be punished


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said the government shall punish the culprits who were involved in killings, arson attacks and other destructive activities during the BNP-Jamaat sponsored blockades and hartals related to the 10th general election.


“Surely the trial will be held, otherwise such destructive activities will go on,” she said.


The Prime Minister was replying to a supplementary question of ruling party MP AFM Bahauddin Nasim during PM’s question-answer hour in the Parliament.


She also mentioned that it was the demand of the people to punish the culprits who were behind the killings, arson attacks and other destructive activities including uprooting fishplates of rail lines.


She said the main aim of the then opposition party BNP-Jamaat was to kill ordinary people and members of law enforcing agencies.


“They failed to involve the mass people in their movement.  People did not response to their call. That’s why they killed people and law enforcement personnel and carried out arson attacks in the name of movement,” she added.


Hasina also said that through the destructive activities they wanted to create an artificial crisis in the country and make the daily essential items costlier.


“We took effective measurers and that’s why they failed to worsen the situation the way they wanted,” she said.

Source: UNB Connect


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