People counting days of govt fall: BNP

Hitting back at the Prime Minister for herremarks that people are not with BNP, the party on Thursday saidpeople have started counting the days of this government’s fall.“The government, which is counting on the law enforcers’ gun barrelsand some partisan media, now stands on the last staircase of itsfall.

People have started counting the moment of its ouster,” BNPjoint secretary general Salauddin Ahmed said in a statement.Though the government is thinking that it is safe by making thepolice force ‘Frankenstein’s monster’, he warned that the gun barrelsmay move back any time.“The Prime Minister told parliament with arrogance that people arenot with BNP and the 20-party’s seven-point demand are to gain itspersonal interest.

Why the Prime Minister is afraid of election ifpeople are with Awami League…hold elections and it will prove peopleare with whom,” the BNP leader said.He claimed that each of the seven demands of the 20-party is forstrengthening democracy and giving it a strong institutional shape byensuring neutrality of all the state organisations, including theElection Commission.Salauddin called upon the government to quit showing respect topeople’s demand and shun vindictive politics.The Prime Minister often says she does not do politics for power, hesaid adding that if her claim is true why she is desperately tryingto protect her ‘usurped’ state power by carrying out mass killings.

Source: Bd today


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