No excuse for taking law into own hands

For political parties themselves to be talking of patrolling the streets is wrong in principle and dangerous in practice.

The AL’s action in forming so called resistance committees is wrong in principle and dangerous in practice.

Nobody, least of all responsible officials in the ruling party, should need reminding of the risks inherent in people taking the law into their own hands.

The beating to death of seven suspected robbers in Sadar upazilla by a lynch mob on Monday highlights the problems posed by vigilantism.

While many would applaud the local people who acted to help a robbery victim and apprehend the suspected robbers in the early hours of the morning, there can be no excuse for the suspects being attacked and killed instead of being handed over to the police.

Rule of law requires that the law be administered and upheld by impartial public officials. Everybody has the right to a fair trial. Punishment has to be kept solely the prerogative of the courts, not law enforcers or the public.

There is nothing wrong with people expressing support for the police in carrying out their duties. Indeed there is a good case for the government to support community policing initiatives that are open to and involve all citizens.

However, it clearly crosses a line for political parties themselves to be talking of patrolling the streets and catching criminals as some AL leaders have been doing. Such language brings the independence of the law into question and smacks of interference.

No public good can be served by appearing to control or usurp the role of the police.

Rule of law and police independence must be paramount

Source: Dhaka Tribune


  1. AL vigilantes were always present alongside police when BNP or Jamaat took to the streets for demonstrations. They would beat the workers of BNP up and also get the protection of the police. Then the police would term it as a violence by BNP. Bangladesh police and RAB has been working for the AL. these have been politicized along with BGB.


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