MP urges India not to shelter Jamaat loyalists

“We never expect India to shelter them. This is unfortunate,” said Awami League Presidium member Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim during an unscheduled discussion in Parliament on Tuesday.

India’s Trinamool Congress leader and Naya Diganta correspondent Hassan Ahmed had sheltered them during the joint forces’ drive in Satkhira, he said a day after ran a report.

“We should be cautious against those who want to ruin our good terms with India.”

“The BNP and its ally Jamaat had announced undeclared war against India, allowing the neighbouring country’s separatist outfit ULFA to set up camps on the frontiers.”

“They had brought in 10 trucks of arms for the ULFA and much more had earlier been reached to them.”

Sheikh Selim urged West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to arrest those of Jamaat and its student wing and send them back home instead of sheltering them.

“They are fundamentalists and terrorists. They should not find any country for shelter. They have network the world over. This even may harm India.”

West Bengal’s Left Front Chairman Biman Bose had on Sunday alleged at a public meeting that Banerjee had deep-rooted ties with Bangladesh’s Jamaat.

Criticising her stance on Teesta treaty and land boundary issues with Bangladesh, he had said the Trinamool Congress leaders alone were sheltering Jamaat.

Sheikh Selim on Tuesday said, “I will request Manmohan Singh (India’s Prime Minister) to see to it the relations between the two countries do not sour.”

Pointing to SIngh, he said, “Take steps so that mutual trust is not damaged.”

Efforts were made to derail the trial of 10 trucks of arms case, the senior Awami League leader pointed out.

“The Joj Miah drama was staged. That case’s verdict is out and ULFA leader has been punished.”

Source: Bd news24


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