‘Mauka Mauka’ video clip sets social media on fire

The video shows a number of Indian fans drinking Pepsi and watching the game. A young Bangladeshi supporter goes there. The Indian fans take him to a map that shows Bangladesh sharing borders with India on three sides. “India has created Bangladesh” is the text that pops up from below.

The ‘Mauka Mauka’ started trending on with a TV advertisement produced by Star Sports ahead of the India-Pakistan face-off at the start of this World Cup.

It said that since Pakistan could never beat their rivals India in a World Cup match, this was their ‘Mauka’ (chance) to win.

The advertisement went viral and was trending in all the following India matches.

Bangladesh’s loss to New Zealand on Mar 13 confirmed that they will be India’s next challengers and the ‘Mauka Mauka’ video in question surfaced on the YouTube.

The clip has sparked widespread criticism and angry reactions from the fans of the Tigers.

However, investigation revealed the video was not produced by Star Sports while PepsiCo India issued a statement denying any ties with it after the fallout on social media.

Bangladesh cricket fans have uploaded multiple ‘Mauka Mauka’ videos in reaction, all of which says India will be losing to the Tigers this time. Most of them refer to Tigers’ wins in 2007 World Cup and 2012 Asia Cup.

Facebook is also abuzz with shares, statuses and comments from both Indian and Bangladeshi fans.

Ganajagaran Mancha spokesman Imran H Sarker has uploaded a video compilation which shows various moments of India losing to Bangladesh and urged Indian fans to see it before producing another such advert

RST Sayeed wrote “Reply to #MOWKA #Pepsi… bd is made by our #martyrs blood… not ur creation #rapindia.”

Palash Mahbub first clarified that he is not advocating for Pepsi and pointed out that the quality of making of the Indian ‘Mauka Mauka’ leaves one in doubt whether it is a commercial in the first place.

Source: Bd news24


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