Many people venturing out for no reason

19 Apr 2020  Somoy English Desk
Many people venturing out for no reason

Lawn enforcers, including the members of army, find it hard to enforce the shutdown and force people to maintain the social distancing as many people are coming out of their homes unnecessarily.

Under the situation, the army has enhanced its patrol to improve the situation. But it was seen in different areas that people started gathering on the streets and outside homes soon after the army vehicles sped away.

Meanwhile, the army has ensured the implementation of social distancing at Malibagh Kitchen Market.

Law enforcers said awareness among people is growing gradually with the rise in the coronavirus cases in Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, many people are still trying to enter and leave the capital through different points defying a ban on it.

Visiting the check post at Narayanganj’s Signboar area, it was seen many people were entering and leaving the capital in the morning, but the situation changed after 10am as law enforcers took a strong position there and obstructed people.

Police were seen very active at the city’s Abdullahpur and Gabtoli points. They did not allow people to enter or leave the capital without any valid reason.

On April 5, the Police Headquarters said nobody will be allowed either to leave and enter the capital city until further notice to prevent the coronavirus outbreak.

Other than the emergency services as required for the smooth living of the citizens, all types of individual and group movement are prohibited it added.


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