Manna made no anti-state comment: Nagarik Oikya

Nagarik Oikya convener Mahmudur Rahman Manna did not make any anti-state comment, claims its spokesman in Dhaka on Tuesday, reports UNB.

“The students of our country always play an important role in political movement. So student movement should be raised now in the universities. Mahmudur Rahman Manna talked about how such movement could be raised in present circumstances,” Nagarik Oikya central committee member Iftekhar Ahmed Babu told a press conference at Jatiya Press Club.  Distorting his comment, Babu said allegations have been made against Manna that he sought bodies of the students in the universities.

He said Nagarik Oikya has made a peace proposal to hold national dialogues aiming to resolve the country’s ongoing political crisis and it has been carrying out various programmes.

The Nagarik Oikya spokesman said a new situation has been created over the two telephonic conversations of Manna.

“We never support terrorism-violence, but we are trying to mobilise people to resolve the present crisis,” he said.

He said furtherManna was arrested by members of law enforcement agencies from a house of Banani in the capital at about 3:30 am last night, but now the law enforcement agencies have denied his arrest.

Voicing concern over Manna’s arrest, Babu said they wanted to know the reasons why Manna has been arrested.

“We will go for legal action soon in this regard,” he added.

Source: The Financial Express


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