Khaleda doesn’t believe in peaceful power transfer: PM

People no longer want uncertainty, she says

Accusing BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia of creating anarchy and problems always, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday said the opposition leader does not believe in peaceful transfer of power.

“The BNP chairperson never believes in peaceful transfer of power and that’s why she created anarchy always in the past and she still creates problems,” the Prime Minister said.

Sheikh Hasina, also the President of the ruling Awami League, said this in her introductory speech of a views-exchange meeting with the district administrators of 61 districts at her official residence Ganobhaban.

To solve the ongoing crisis in the country, Hasina said she gave a proposal to the opposition leader for engaging in a dialogue, but the opposition leader threw a 48-hour ultimatum in response.

She alleged that the opposition leader wanted to destabilise the country by using the Hefajat-e-Islam.

The Prime Minister mentioned that in Bangladesh history only AL has the instance to peacefully hand over power in 2001.

Recalling the uncertainties of May 5-6, she said all across the country were in grave anxiety. “People not only in the capital, but also across the country were in deep anxiety what will happen next,” Hasina said.

The Awami League chief said BNP, Jamaat and Hefazat are doing politics in the country using Islam, but they burned the copies of hundreds of Holy Quran during the May 5-6 programme of Hefazat-e-Islam.

Talking about the election, she said all elections that held under the present government in the last four and half years were peaceful, free and fair. “We strengthened the Election Commission to ensure the free, fair and neutral election in the country.”

She also claimed that the Election Commission is working independently and enjoying the absolute freedom for holding elections.

In this connection, the Awami League president mentioned that the Election Commission so far held 5,753 various elections across the country. A total of 63,953 public representatives were elected in these elections and no allegation was raised about the polls,” she said.

Hasina also criticised the opposition for carrying pout a false propaganda about the five city corporation elections. “Had those elections not been free, fair and neutral how the opposition-backed candidates have won the polls?” she questioned.

She said there is a constitution in the country and the election will be held as per the constitution following the examples of the other democratic countries around the world.

“We’ve proven that it is possible to hold a free, fair and neutral election in the country under the AL government,” the Awami League chief said.

Referring to the opposition’s threat that they would boycott the election under the AL government, Hasina questioned further: “My question is how long the people of the country will suffer, how far the people of the country will go through the uncertainty, every time during the transition of power.”

She firmly said it is only AL that has the courage and power to hold a free, fair and neutral election. “Only we have that courage and power, no one else has that.”

Recalling Khaleda Zia’s recent claim that she would run the country in a different way if voted to power, Hasina said the opposition leader would open a new ‘Hawa Bhaban’ for corruption and bribery.

She hoped that the people of the country would not allow anyone to play with their fate.

Source: UNB Connect