July-Sept export totals $7.628bn – up 21.24pc over same period last yr

Pry commodities edge over mfd goods


Export of primary commodities had an edge over manufactured goods in terms of growth in the first quarter (July-Sept) of the current fiscal (2013-14), buoyed by the healthy performances of frozen fish, vegetables, dry food and fruit juice.


Country’s overall export earning during the period reached US$ 7,627.97 million, an increase of 21.24 percent over the same period of last year, and also exceeded the strategic export target of $ 7,280.35 million.


Of the July-September earnings, export of manufactured goods fetched $ 7,289.70 million – up 20.93 percent over the corresponding period of last year, buoyed by the healthy performance of readymade garments (RMG) and leather, according to the latest statistics released by the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB).


The export of primary commodities also rose to $ 338.27 million during July-September this fiscal, posting a growth of 28.49 percent and exceeding the target of $ 291.82 million for the three-month period.


According to the EPB statistics, the export of manufactured products, including knitwear, woven garment, leather, other manufactured products, footwear, plastic products, specialized textiles, ceramics, handicrafts, and cotton fabrics showed good performances.


However, jute and jute-made goods, chemical products, petroleum byproducts and home textiles showed negative export growth during the first quarter of the current fiscal compared to the same period of last year.


The earnings from major export-oriented knitwear sector totaled $ 3,160.20 million in July-September of this fiscal showing an 24.43 percent growth over the same period of last year, while woven garment fetched $ 3,043.69 million having a 23.89 percent growth over the corresponding period of last year.


During the period, the export of jute and jute-made goods totaled $ 205.52 million, petroleum byproducts $ 40.98 million, leather $ 119.82 million, other manufactured products $ 32.86 million, and engineering products $ 107.29 million.


During the period, the export of home textiles totaled $ 179.28 million, plastic products $ 20.25 million, handicrafts $ 1.90 million, ceramic products $ 11.53 million, footwear $ 148.61 million, and cotton fabrics $ 30.19 million.


Of the export of primary commodities during the three-month period, frozen shrimp, vegetables, dry food, fruit juice, molasses and crabs showed healthy performances.


Frozen shrimp export during the July-September period of this fiscal amounted to $ 174.05 million registering a 52.30 percent growth over the same period of last year, while frozen fish fetched $ 7.27 million.


Vegetables export for the first three months of the current fiscal fetched $ 41.10 million, fruits $ 6.58 million, tobacco $ 20.13 million, flowers and foliage $ 13.91 million, and dry food $ 10.25 million.


The export of tea totaled $ 0.48 million during the July-September, followed by betel nut $ 6.30 million and fruit juice $ 10.36 million.

Source: UNB Connect


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