Internet Service Providers react against BTRC ban on IPTv broadcast

They have termed the whole step as ‘illogical’ and have argued that doing so will hinder the growth of information technology in the country.

A recent BTRC notice had asked ISPs to stop streaming IPTv and VoD services in the country.

The notice said that several ISPs were providing the facilities without authorization and in violation of guidelines on their own.

The notice said the Telecommunication Act 2001 and National Broadcast Policy 2014 do not allow ISP operators to extend IPTv or broadcast or extend VoD facilities to consumer levels.

In the notice, BTRC asks the ISPs to stop the services immediately and notify the commission about the same, failing which the ISPs could face legal action.

Reacting to the move by the regulatory body, ISP Association of Bangladesh President MA Hakim on Monday told, “We believe that the BTRC has taken the decision without the knowledge of the top levels of the government or the prime minister’s ICT Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy.”

“If such censorship is imposed every day, how will internet technology develop in this country?” he asked.

He pointed out that IPTv neither affects the economic growth of the country nor does it compromise national security.

“Just to close down an application for nothing is an illogical move”, he said.

He clarified that VoD entails providing access to such online video sites as YouTube and 3rd Bell. IPTv means access to live streaming of television through websites like YouTube or JagoBD.

He hopes to have a meeting with the BTRC by next week.

Source: Bd news24


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