Hasina going to repeat her father’s mistake, says Fakhrul

 BNP spokesman Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Thursday said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is going to make the same blunder that her father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman did by establishing a one-party Baksal rule.

“Establishing Baksal by annihilating democracy was Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s biggest mistake. His daughter Sheikh Hasina is also going to repeat the blunder,” he said.

The BNP leader was addressing a discussion arranged by National Awami Party (NAP-Bhasani) at the Jatiya Press Club, marking the death anniversary of great leader Moulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani.

Fakhrul added, “The government is trying to confine people to the one-party Baksal rule by obliterating democracy.”

The BNP acting secretary general regretted that Awami League which had struggled for democracy in the past now has turned into a sycophant party. “Awami League is now a flatterer party.”

Referring to Prime Minister’s comment in parliament that the people of Bangladesh now have full confidence and trust in her government as they did not respond to BNP’s call for movement, Fakhrul said people through boycotting the January-5 polls showed who are with them.

“The arrogance of this illegal Prime Minister is taking the country towards destruction. They had killed 310 people and made 65 others disappeared before the January-5 election… even then five percent people didn’t go to the polling stations,” he said.

“Some political parties and few personalities have been continuously talking about ousting the government or a waging movement, but they’re not getting response from the public. This proves people’s full confidence and trust in us,” Sheikh Hasina said, replying to a supplementary from Rustom Ali Farazi (Independent-Pirojpur) during the PM’s question-answer session in Parliament on Wednesday.

Criticising the government for what he said its growing repressive acts, he said there is hardly any day when people are not being killed by law enforcers. “The government has taken a position against the country’s people by resorting to repressive acts only to cling to power.”

The BNP leader urged people to get united against the current repressive regime to protect national existence and interest and restoring voting rights. “There’s no other option but to oust this regime for holding a fresh election under a non-party administration.”

Claiming that there had been a spontaneous movement across the country before the January-5 election, the BNP acting secretary general said when they were very close to the victory, the government snatched it through plots.

“The people of this country were not born to live like slaves. They’ll soon get united and unseat this illegal regime,” he added.

About the recent spate of gold smuggling, Fakhrul said ruling party men are involved in the smuggling through the airports.

Source: UNB


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