Govt to protect jamdani’s intellectual property rights: Tofail


Commerce minister Tofail Ahmed on Saturday said the government would help the Intellectual Property Association of Bangladesh to protect the intellectual property rights of Bangladeshi product jamdani.
‘Our jamdani sari is world famous… Baul songs touch our hearts. We shall hold inter-ministerial meetings to find out scope to help the IPAB’s efforts to protect the intellectual property rights of our own products like jamdani,’ he said.
The minister was inaugurating a campaign at a city hotel against the infringement of Intellectual Property Rights, said a press release.
The IPAB launched the campaign titled ‘RRBG-Nokol Rudhbo, Chorachalan Rukhbo, Rajossho Barabo, Desh Gorbo’ to enhance public awareness, facilitate legal enforcement and support the government for making effective formulation of regulations to ensure Intellectual Property Rights in the country.
Dhaka North City Corporation mayor Annisul Huq, IPAB president Salahuddin Abdullah and its director general Azizur Rahman were present at the programme.
The speakers said the fight against the intellectual property infringement in the country could help achieve the goal to become a middle-income country by 2021.
They said such campaign was needed to fight intellectual property infringements of all products, especially counterfeiting and smuggling.
The IPAB president said an independent research would be conducted under the campaign to identify sector-wise impacts, including challenges, prospects and government’s revenue losses, so that it can measure how much the economy is being affected by IP rights violation.
The IPAB believes that the successful execution of the campaign would help Bangladesh become a middle-income economy by the year 2021, he said. The country’s 27 business sectors will work together under this campaign, the IPAB president added.
Source: New Age


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