Govt keeping judiciary on a short leash: Khaleda Zia


The former prime minister attended an Iftar party organised by pro-BNP lawyers’ forum at the Supreme Court auditorium on Saturday.

She said that the judiciary had been separated from the executive, but it’s yet to get its freedom.

“The judiciary is now being controlled more,” said Khaleda.

She said that different yardsticks applied to the ruling party activists and opposition manifested the lack of rule of law.

The BNP chief said that her party activists had been prosecuted across the country.

“There’s not a single person in BNP who’s not implicated in cases.”

Khaleda said that the BNP did not believe in the politics of destruction and arson.

She reiterated her demand for a national poll.

“But that should not be like the recently held city polls. It should be fair, credible, inclusive under a neutral government,” added the BNP chief.

Source: bdnews24


  1. It seems that a grave conspiracy is underway against nationalism and Islamic sentiments of Bangladeshis. BNP and its allies will lose this battle if its leaders do not follow Zia’s way of life and reach to the people of Bangladesh with Zia’s philosophy to motivate them to take part in the movement. These video clips may help them (all seven parts must be watched)


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