Govt is behaving like Israel: BNP

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Its spokesperson Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Tuesday said Israeli forces were inhumanly killing people in Gaza.

“The situation is the same in our country,” the acting secretary general claimed.

As many as 310 activists of the opposition were killed in three months after the Jan 5 general election while 65 others were abducted, he further said.

“The government is brutally killing and torturing opposition leaders and activists in the same way (Israelis) are murdering the Palestinians,” he said while addressing an Iftar in Dhaka.

The relentless Israeli military campaign targeting the Gaza Strip, which has lasted for more than two weeks, has killed 609 Palestinians and wounded at least 3,720 others so far.

After Israel started the invasion in Gaza Strip, it became the most talked topic worldwide.

Aligning with many world leaders and politicians, the ruling Awami League and BNP along with other Bangladeshi political parties have condemned the Israeli move.

Fakhrul’s comparison between Israel and the government comes only days after an Awami League leader became the hot topic of social media for his remark that the Jewish lobby had close relationship with the BNP.

Regarding AL leader Hasan Mahmud’s comments, the BNP acting secretary general said, “What these Awami League leaders have said recently are false.”

“Some days ago, a minister said BNP was involved in the attack on Palestinians. No one but a mad person can say this.”

“The repression on the opposition leaders and activists has crossed the limit. Many have been killed, shot and crippled,” he said.

Source: BD news24


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