Govt asks TV channels to project ‘normalcy prevailing in country’


Several senior ministers on Thursday claimed that the country’s situation was normal and asked the country’s private television channels to project the normalcy prevailing in the country.
On the other hand, owners and heads of news of private television channels have reached a consensus that what was going on in the country was not politics or political movement rather those were ‘terrorism and acts of sabotage.’
The ministers made the request at a meeting with owners and heads of news of private television channels at the information ministry with the information minister Hasanul Huq Inu in the chair.
‘The topic of the today’s discussion was what a role the electronic media should play in the wake of evolved political situation,’ the Association of Television Channel Owners vice-president Anjan Chowdhury, also managing director of Maasranga television, told a media briefing after the meeting.
He said the ministers had encouraged them to project the truth.
‘A question was discussed whether what is going on in the country is a political movement or sabotage. We have agreed that movement and sabotage are two different things. What we see today is that acts of sabotage are being carried out and we all are agreed on that. And we have agreed that we will not sensationalise the acts of sabotage and we will not do what will harmful to the country,’ he said
Anjan said the country would face a dire consequence if the television channels encourage the acts of sabotage.
The meeting also discussed about what role the government could play to bring an end to the dominance of Indian channels in Bangladesh as the cable operators prefers to air Indian channels, he said ‘The ministers have given us assurance that they will be able to give a positive result.’
Industries minister Amir Hossain Amu said, ‘As acts of sabotage and terrorism is being carried out in the name of movement in the country. People are not being able to know the true picture exactly what is happening in the country. For all practical purposes, the country’s situation is normal. Normalcy is prevailing everywhere including in trade, commerce and export. But people are not aware of this matter. This matter should be produced before the people.’
Source: New Age


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