GB’s borrower directors urge govt not to change its rules


Nine borrower directors of Grammen Bank on Monday urged the government not to formulate the proposed rules regarding selection of directors to the Grameen Bank.


In a statement, they said the government has taken an initiative recently to change the rules regarding selection of directors of the bank. Directors in the bank were selected in the last two decades following the existing rules and it helps the bank to build an effective and responsible administration free from corruption, the statement said.


“The new rules will not only allow politics, but also corruption to engulf the Grameen Bank. We protest the government’s proposed rules regarding selection of its directors,” the statement said.


About criticism by the ruling party political leaders of Grameen Bank founder and Nobel Laureate Prof Dr Muhammad Yunus, the GB directors said one minister said that Prof Dr Yunus is a politician, but he never wears the dress of politicians.


“People are the sources of power in a democratic country and citizens have their right to speak regarding the governance of a state. But, it is a matter of misfortune that the minister is creating division among people,” the statement further said.


The GB directors said Prof Yunus had recently stated that it is quite impossible to hold a fair and acceptable general election at this moment without restoration of a neutral government.


Hailing his comment, they said many ministers stated that Dr Yunus’ comment is against the government, constitution and the state and thus recommended to send him to jail. “But, the ministers do not know that people’s opinion is reflected on his comment.”


Referring to the allegation raised by some cabinet members that the country is not receiving foreign aid now due to Dr Yunus as he had pushed the World Bank to cancel its financing in the Padma Bridge project, the statement said people know why the World Bank cancelled its financing for the Padma Bridge project.

source: UNBConnect


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