First British Bengali Labour councillor Munsur Ali elected

Munsur Ali, a British Bangladeshi Labour Party candidate, was democratically elected as a Councillor in the City of London at the recent election held on the 23rd of March.

What is being called a historic win where not only Britain’s Labour party won a record 5 seats but also as it is the first time a British Bangladeshi Labour Party candidate has been elected.

The Labour Party has won a record five seats in elections to the City of London’s Common Council, in a shock result that sees Jeremy Corbyn’s party offer a challenge – however minor – to the independence of the capital’s financial centre.

The Council has historically been dominated by independent councillors as the main political parties have tended not to field candidates in City elections.

However, Labour routinely contests some wards and in the election the party increased its representation from one to five.

The remaining 95 seats were taken by independents or candidates with no party description.

The City of London, one of the world’s oldest continuously running local government bodies, is a separate entity to the Greater London Authority led by Labour mayor Sadiq Khan.

Source: The Daily Ittefaq