Enforce strike at night: Nahid

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid on Thursday urged the political parties not to enforce any more strike during the HSC examinations, suggesting they enforce shutdown in the night, if necessary.

“We had asked not to call strikes ahead of the SSC examinations. But they did. We are shocked and hurt,” he told reporters at a press briefing at the Secretariat amid the shutdown on Thursday.

He expressed frustration towards the opposition saying, “Enforce strikes during the night, if you must. Call shutdowns from midnight to 5am. We have no problem with that. Don’t act irresponsible.”

“Give alternative programmes but not strikes. Take out processions, hold gatherings, we aren’t stopping you. But won’t we take the examinations?” the minister asked those who are enforcing the shutdowns.

Nahid said that the HSC examinations took longer due to the strikes. “Students get disappointed and lose interest if they cannot sit the tests even after taking proper preparations.”

Source: Bd news24


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