Bogra councilor suspended for abduction and torture of mother-daughter

Bogra councilor suspended for abduction and torture of mother-daughter
Bogra municipal councillor Marzia Hasan Rumki Dhaka Tribune

The mother and daughter were sexually harassed, abused, beaten, tortured, and had their heads shaved.

A Bogra municipal councilor has been temporarily suspended after she had some cadres abduct a girl and her mother last year in order to avenge a brother-in-law who was accused of rape.

The two abducted women were sexually harassed, abused, beaten, and tortured. The mother and daughter also had their heads forcibly shaven by the councilor.

Following the incident, the councilor Marzia Hasan Rumki was temporarily suspended by Local Government Division Assistant Secretary Abdur Rouf Miya under Local Municipality Act 2009 Section 31 Clause 1.

According to the District Administrator, in the case against Rumki’s brother-in-law Tufan Sarkar, it is said that on July 17 last year he forcibly took his victim (later referred to as the daughter) to a house in the Chawkshutrapur area of Bogra town and raped her. When word of this got out, the Councilor had the two women abducted and tortured on July 28 of last year.

Cases were filed under different penal codes against a total of 10 individuals including Rumki the following day, and after investigations confirmed the allegations to be true, the guilty councillor was temporarily suspended and is currently in prison.

Bogra Mayor Advocate AKM Mahbubur Rahman said: “The letter making the temporary suspension effective was signed on March 8, but Assistant Secretary Abdur Rouf received it on March 18.

“As soon as Rumki was arrested, a replacement councillor was instated,” he added.

Source: Dhaka Tribune.


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