BNP deplores ‘police raid’ on Inqilab editor’s house

 BNP spokesperson Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Friday night condemned Thursday night’s police ‘raid on the Banani residence of Inqilab editor AMM Bahaudin and attack on the house of a security guard’.

Voicing concern over the police raid, the BNP leader in a statement alleged that the government is harassing the journalists and employees of the daily Inqilab by carrying out raids for the last four days.

The government has started controlling the media since the announcement of the National Broadcast Policy, 2014 so that people do not get the right information about its corruption, killings, enforced disappearances and misrule, he said.

Fakhrul said the government has turned hostile towards the media, the most powerful pillar of democracy, as public opinion has gone against it.

He said the current “fascist” government is harassing the county’s veteran journalists, editors and columnists by arresting them for publishing news items about its corruption and looting.

The BNP leader warned that people will never accept such harassment of journalists.

Source: UNB


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