BCB puzzled with Shakib injury


Bangladesh’s Shakib al Hasan takes rest following surgery to remove pus from his left little finger at Apollo Hospital in Dhaka Shakib al Hasan’s Facebook page


BCB board president Nazmul Hasan Tuesday broke the board’s silence on the matter and said they are still trying to find out how Shakib al Hasan’s situation deteriorated

The BCB is still trying to find the source of infection that affected all-rounder Shakib al Hasan’s little left finger.

The star Bangladesh cricketer has been the point of discussion in the cricket fraternity for the past few weeks over his finger injury that had turned severe overnight due to an infection.

Shakib had to rush back to Dhaka at a crucial point of the Asia Cup in the UAE as the state of his hand injury got dire.

The left-handed batsman was in no condition to hold his bat, let alone take part in a game, and after an urgent return home, it was discovered had doctors made further delay of extracting pus from his infected hand, it would have become dysfunctional.

Since the incident it has been widely discussed as to how no one in the team management or even Shakib could anticipate the severe infection and safeguard the cricketer from peril.

BCB board president Nazmul Hasan Tuesday broke the board’s silence on the matter and said they are still trying to find out how Shakib’s situation deteriorated.

“It would have been understandable if it was the case that he (Shakib) was hurt while playing. It was really strange to see formation of so much of pus in his hand all of sudden. It is a big question for us,” said BCB boss Nazmul to the media in Dhaka Tuesday.

“The latest I know is he needs three months rest and that there is no need of a bone surgery at the moment. The infection is under control. Shakib informed me this, not the doctor. But we are astonished to see the infection go so severe in just one night. Spoke to team management and Shakib about it and understood it was tough for them to understand the infection. We are not sure if the infection had come from the injection he took in the West Indies. Steroid can influence infection but we are not sure about it. He never complained. We don’t know what really happened but we are trying to find out,” Nazmul explained.

The BCB and the team management faced a barrage of criticism after Shakib’s injury worsened and he was subsequently ruled out from the remainder of the Asia Cup ahead of a do-or-die game against Pakistan in the Super Four round last month.

Shakib is currently in Melbourne, Australia undergoing treatment of the infection which now is in control.

Following the observation period, Shakib was informed it will take another few days for the infection to be eradicated fully and that he will not need an immediate surgery to his injured bone.

Initially it was said the Bangladesh cricketer will need at least three months to recover and get back to the field and if the bone injury hurts like before the next course of action will be decided.

Source: Dhaka Tribune.


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