Bangladeshis among top 3 Malaysian home scheme users

The Southeast Asian nation has approved applications of 33,300 people from 126 countries since 2002, when it started the Malaysia My Second Home or MM2H programme, the New Straits Times reports citing Malaysian Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz.


  1. Prophet (sm) migrated from Mecca to Median because of safety reasons.
    Europeans traveled to Asia, Africa & Australia in search of better luck. So, what’s wrong with Bangladeshis migrating to Malayasia or to any other country ?.

    Media do not make much noise over those who created ‘Begum para’ in Toronto, because many of the media mughals & their family are now settled in USA, Canada.

    Govt should encourage anyone who wish to migrate elsewhere. Their success overseas will bring trickle-down benefits to people back home. I see no problem with Malayasia. Add Russia, China, India, Africa to the list, why not ??


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