Bangladeshi Artists Capture Shahbag Protests in Cartoons

The protests in Shahbag square in Bangladesh’s capital city, where thousands of people have gathered to demand death for war criminals, rage on for a 12th day.

Every day, hundreds of people young and old, of every creed and color, join the movement calling for those who committed perpetrated mass murder, rape, arson, and other crimes against humanity during the country’s 1971 Liberation War to be hanged. Protests have spread beyond beyond Shahbag square to Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet, Mynmensingh, Rangpur, and other parts of the country.

The square tirelessly buzzes with slogans, chanting, and songs. Throughout the night, protesters organize candlelight vigils, songs, poetry recitals, photo and film exhibitions of the Liberation War, and caricature exhibitions.

Several artists captivated by the movement have put pen to paper to capture the Shahbag protests in cartoon. Below are some of the cartoons that they have shared on Facebook.

Ashim Chandra Ray, a cartoonist from the renowned magazine Unmad in Bangladesh, drew this work:

Asim Chandro Roy

Artist Niaz Chowdhury Tuli from the daily newspaper Prothom Alo drew a cartoon depicting the hand of justice:

Niaz Chowdhury Tuli

Mehedi Haque from the newspaper New Age drew this cartoon:

Mehedi Haque

Cartoonist Nazmul Masum works at the daily Kaler Kantho. One of his drawings:

Nazmul Masum1

Cartoonist Shikha working with Rosh+Alo, a humour supplement from the daily Prothom Alo, drew this:


A work of cartoonist Biplob from daily Kaler Kantho’s humour supplement Ghorar Dim:


Zunayed Azim Chowdhury, an online activist and cartoonist from daily Prothom Alo’s Rosh+Alo supplement, sketched this one:

Zonaid Azim Chowdhury

Not all of the cartoons were drawn on a paper canvas. These artists graffitied caricature in Projonmo Square:

Nazmul Masum

Written by রাজীব কামাল শ্রাবণ · Translated by Anashua Madhubanti.

Source: Global Voice Online


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