Ashulia returns to life

This file photo shows garment workers swarming to their factories at Ashulia.

Five days into the deadly fire at a garment factory, Ashulia has returned to life as workers of apparel factories rejoined work Thursday morning.

At least 111 people were killed and more than 100 injured in the devastating fire that raged through Tazreen Fashion Ltd at Nishchintapur in Ashulia on Saturday night.

The workers staged protest and resorted to vandalism in Ashulia following the fire incident that halted production at most of the garment units in the area since Sunday.

But, all the factories suspended their production on Wednesday fearing violent protests.

Thousands of workers returned to their workplace on Thursday morning and no untoward incident took place, a commercial officer of a garment factory told The Daily Star seeking anonymity.

Workers have been demanding punishment to owners of Tazreen Fashions Ltd and its officials holding them responsible for the fire and casualties.

They are also demanding safety at their workplaces.

Nine deaths were recorded on Saturday while 102 more bodies were found on the following day.

Among the deceased, 53 workers, whose bodies were burnt beyond recognition and unclaimed by anyone, were laid to rest in Jurain Graveyard in the capital on Tuesday.

Earlier on Monday, a team of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) along with forensic doctors collected samples from the unidentified bodies to ascertain identities through DNA tests.

Source: The Daily Star


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