Who will stop these extortionists?

Extortion is not new news now following the rush of people ahead of Eid. A tendency of extortion increases during every Eid. The extortion activities take place in several names. Extortion in transports in the name of additional fare is another type of extortion.

The extortion is underway not only in passenger transports but also in goods laden vehicles. Recently, media reported that a rod laden truck came in Paturia ferry Ghat and some people went to the truck driver instantly. The truck driver had to go to counter-2 of the Ghat with those people. Later, the driver returned from the counter paying Tk.2,140. But, the actual fare of the rod laden truck was Tk.1,060 including all charges.

In reply of a question, the truck driver Aroz Mondol said that there is no alternative of extra fee otherwise over week he had to wait for the serial.

Not only Aroz Mondol but every goods laden trucks drivers are bound to pay extra fees on Dhaka-Aricha highway. In a word it can be termed as extortion.

Besides, the trucks drivers have lots of complaint against excel load control stations. Covert van and trucks drivers forced to pay Tk.500-2,000, though the trucks carry 20 tons (fixed by the government). And ultimately the general people bear the extra fees or extortions. The businessmen took the additional fees from general people during product selling.

Truck drivers complained that if they don`t pay the extortion, then they face several types of harassment even, face physical torture. The administration is well-known about the bad practice of extortion but remain silent. So, excel load control station in Bathulia of Dhaka-Aricha highway and Paturia ferry ghat became a trouble making place.

Local sources said that the style of extortion in Aricha Ghat is little bit different. Several organizations including workers union, police and Ghat authority jointly take extortion. The linemen take the money which goes to the concerned people. There is no one who can stop these type of extortion.

Now additional fare from transport became a major way of extortion. Transport owners, workers, police and other extortionists took money from home-bound people. The extortion is underway equally bus, train, launch and other transports. But, it is a matter of sorrow that there is nobody who can stop these. As a result, general people are becoming victim of the extortionists` gangs.

Source: Bd Today


  1. Rightly diagnosed by the reporter “no body can stop it”.
    Now what ?
    Well, it will continue to get worse by the day as in a cancer.


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