Thousands rally around the slogan ‘I Am A Muslim, Too’

Thousands rally around the slogan ‘I Am A Muslim, Too’

An interfaith rally was held in Times Square on Sunday, targeting discrimination against the Muslim community and protesting President Trump’s policies. Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour led the event.

Russell Simmons leads rally in New York

crowd at is cut in half by crosstown traffic, proving yet again Midtown is for plays & Nuts4Nuts and nothing else

Men pray at the rally, currently happening on 48th and Broadway.

Happening right now 48th and Broadway.


Solidarity today, solidarity tomorrow. @itooamamuslim

I’m a Christian and today


Spotted in the crowd: a young Jew for Racial & Economic Justice.

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Speaking out in about Religious Liberty remember what JFK said a threat to one faith is a threat to all faiths.


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This, a thousand time over, is the america I know.

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Today is the 75th anniversary of . We will be the generation to refuse to let history repeat itself.

Thank you for standing up for your Muslim sisters and brothers.

Here’s Russell Simmons on why he organized the rally:

The sun came out when spoke at the rally. Beautiful day for a beautiful cause

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We will be resilient. We will LOVE each other fiercely.

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Thank you to all who organized today – Charlotte’s 1st protest rally.