Tarek ‘underwent’ fake surgery

He plotted that to prove he was survivor, not murderer

Jubo league leader Jahid Siddique Tarek staged a fake surgery apparently to have an alibi proving he was admitted in a hospital during his party colleague Riazul Haque Khan Milky’s murder at 1:07am on Tuesday.
Two eight-inch bandages covered minor cuts on the skin of his back, said doctors and others at the Dhaka Medical Collage morgue.
“It was a fake surgery,” said one doctor, seeking anonymity, suspecting that the fake surgery was aimed to prove that Tarek was injured by a bullet on Tuesday.
His body bears marks of seven bullet injuries he suffered in Wednesday’s “shootout”, morgue sources added.
However, more than one Rab officials earlier claimed they came to know that Tarek had accidentally been hit with bullet shot by his accomplice during the Milky murder.
Ayesha Zaman, managing director of Fortune Hospital on Jasim Uddin Road in Uttara, said as per the records Tarek arrived at their hospital with a team of doctors including his cousin Pappu, a physician, around 2:00am on Tuesday. She was not present at the hospital at that time.
In the morning, as she came to the hospital, Ayesha learnt that the Rab had arrested three doctors — Kawser, Rana and Riaz — and a patient, Tarek.
Explaining why Tarek chose Fortune Hospital, Ayesha said, “Dr Pappu’s relatives are orthopaedic sergeants at this hospital.
“Tarek came to the hospital with Pappu, Kawser and Rana. Riaz was the duty doctor at that time and Dr Kawser had performed a surgery here two years ago.”
Ayesha said she heard that the doctors had carried out an operation and recovered a bullet from Tarek’s back. However, she did not show any file or hospital record of the surgery.
Hours after the Milky murder, which was captured in CCTV at the entrance of Shoppers World in Gulshan, Rab arrested the three doctors from Fortune Hospital for operating on a patient with bullet injury, without informing police.
The elite force also detained Tarek, the prime suspect in the murder.
He was killed in a “shootout” between his cohorts and Rab personnel on Wednesday night hours after the Rab had applied to the home ministry for transferring the case to it from the police.
The man in white
Several Jubo league leaders and workers claim that in the CCTV footage of the murder scene, the person in white punjabi, pajama and tupi was Shakhawat Hossain Chanchal, organising secretary of Dhaka city (north) unit Jubo League, and the man in jeans and sneakers shooting at Milky was Tarek.
Intra-party conflict in the pro-Awami League’ youth organisation to gain control over tender businesses and extortions led to the planning of the killing, said several Jubo League leaders.
Milky and Tarek, both born and brought up in AGB colony Motijheel, were very close. Milky was Tarek’s mentor in both Jubo League and underworld politics.
A year ago, distance grew between the two over negotiation money of tenders in Motijheel area, sources said adding Chanchal, also Milky’s friend, mediated the dispute.
He maintained good relations with both men, they added. However, a few days ahead of Milky’s murder, a dispute rose among the three over negotiation money of another tender.
Sources said the trio was supposed to sit at Shoppers World, the shopping mall in Gulshan where Milky was killed, at Chanchal’s invitation and come to an agreement, like in the past.
Reaching the spot before Milky, Tarek planned his murder with Chanchal, instead of settling the dispute, added the sources.

Source: The Daily Star