SB OFFICIAL, WIFE MURDER Oishee taken to DMCH for age determination test

This August 18 photo shows Oishee, Sumi and Rony — arrested in connection with the killing of police inspector Mahfuzur Rahman and Swapna Rahman — are being taken to the court. Faces of the two girls have been blurred as they are minors.

Oishee Rahman, the daughter of slain inspector of Special Branch of police and his wife, was taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital Wednesday for conducting test to determine her biological age.

“Detectives took Oishee to the hospital to conduct tests on her” said Masudur Rahman, deputy commissioner (media) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP).

Police brought Oishee to the hospital around 2:45pm, sources in the DMCH said.

Police recovered the decomposed bodies of Special Branch Inspector Mahfuzur Rahman and his wife Swapna Rahman from their apartment Friday.

The victims’ teenage-daughter surrendered to the police the following day and later admitted to committing the murders.

During primary interrogation, Oishee admitted her involvement in the murder.

Source: The Daily Star


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    This poor girl needs all the help so that she is rehabilitated in the society and lead an Islamic life. Islamic education MUST be made compulsory to country’s every educational institution so that our children learn from their formative years what is right, what is wrong, what is HARAM, What is HALAL, What is crime, what is a virtue, what is good, what is evil & so on.. Else we would not be able save our next & current generation from total destruction. Hefajat was worried for this reason of free mixing, free sex and free drug and wanted to stop it and eradicate the disease so that we could have a healthy society. It did never said to imprison our mothers and sisters. But Awami-agnostic’s aversion & antipathy to Islamic education has paved the way for our young generation to go to astray by leaving the affairs into the hands of atheists, agnostics and apostates by the pretext of “COMBATING & CONTAINING so called ISLAMIC SONTRASH (Terrorism). It is still time to repair the damage by returning back to Islam. (2)


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