‘People paying for political conflicts’


Two discussants at BBC Bangladesh Sanglap here on Saturday underscored the need for holding dialogue between the country’s two main political parties on election-time government while two other political figures stuck to their party as well as alliance stance in this regard.

The issue came to fore as one audience asked the panelists whether the government is interested to initiate dialogue on polls-time government.

The programme on contemporary issues was recorded at the city’s BIAM auditorium in the evening. BBC journalist Akbar Hossain moderated the programme.

Taking part in the dialogue, executive president of Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (JSD), a component of the Awami League-led grand alliance, Mainuddin Khan Badal said the Supreme Court declared the caretaker government system illegal and added that the system might have been continued for two more terms had the Jatiya Sangsad wanted it. “But the Jatiya Sangsad has scraped the provision of the caretaker government system from the constitution.”

About the participation of the main opposition BNP in the next polls, Badal said, “From the experience of 45 years in the politics I can say the party which would join the next election first is BNP.”

In the present context, BNP vice-chairman Shamsher Mubin Chowdhury said, free, fair and acceptable polls are not possible under any party government.

On TIB’s proposal on election-time government, he said there are many positive things in the proposal. “So, it’s considerable.”

Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) executive director Dr Iftekharuzzaman said TIB’s placed the proposal from the perspectives of constitutional duties. “The people of the country are paying for the conflicting relations between the two main political parties. If the situation continues, the country will run into trouble.”

He went on: “There’s no alternative to discussion as in democratic system discussion is the best way to resolve problems.”

When the moderator asked whether TIB is interested to play the ole as a mediator, Iftekhar replied, “It depends on the stakeholders. If such scope is created, we would consider it as per our capacity.”

Taking part in the discussion, businesswoman Rubana Huq stressed holding dialogue and said, “As a citizen of the country we want to lead a normal life and leave behind a safe future for the next generation. To create such a path, we have to do everything, including holding dialogue.”

Source: UNBConnect


  1. Derailed and betraying leaders like Mr. Badal, who, preaching so-called scientific socialism, sacrificed thousands of dedicated youths to the alter of Bangabandhu govt’s ‘crush all antagonists’ policy and is now singing in the tune of his once-upon-a-time foe’s daughter. He shows excuses of SC verdict but in many other cases he and his fosterer party ignored quite a good number of SC/HC rulings and verdicts. Examples are many; such as purchase of rescue equipments, vacate illegal land and water body grabbers, safety of murder case witnesses and so on. But who can show the path to a willful blind? Question is: if they are so popular and have done the best services to the people, why are they afraid of a neutral CTG?

    • Mr. Moinuddin Khan Badal is out and out a tout.

      Why BBC even bothered to interview a person of such doubtful character I do not know. This man, Mr. Badal has swindled many of money, lives as a parasite riding on the back of others.

      Only few years ago he used to live by borrowing money from others. But in the last four years he has become filthy rich, how did he manage to do it?

      Mr. Badal has never got himself elected from anywhere on his own, if he contests election outside the mohajot he will not get more than 2 votes – his own and perhaps that of his wife’s. It is therefore not a surprise that he wants Hasina to conduct and supervise the coming election so that he gets himself re-elected and joins the plundering project of the mohajot all over again.

      Finally, Mr. Badal argues quite unconvincingly that as the parliament has scrapped CTG provision it cannot be re-introduced. What a load of rubbish, if they are sincere about it the same parliament can convene and alter this decision. They must not forget that at the demand of the Shahbagis this parliament directed by the PM convened and changed the rule of the International Crime Tribunal to facilitate hanging verdict for the under trial war offenders. Why can’t they alter the constitution to re-install CTG which is a demand of majority of the people of Bangladesh. They can but they will not because introduction of CTG will risk future of many, none more than that of political parasites like Mr. Badal.. .


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