NBR to introduce new app to check tax evasion

NBR to introduce new app to check tax evasion

Published: August 15, 2019 The Financial Express

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has taken an initiative to introduce a mobile application and a software, aiming to check the cases of tax evasion and increase the number of taxpayers.

The revenue collecting authority thinks launching of the app and software will bring dynamism into the revenue administration and help bring a large number of eligible taxpayers under the tax net, an NBR senior official told UNB.

According to the existing income tax law, any business entity and service-providing persons must hang the taxpayer identification number (TIN) in their offices or business organisations.

But it is not practised properly which causes confusion whether all the business entities or service-providing persons have their TINs or not.

“That’s why the NBR is planning to make it mandatory to hang the tax payment certificate,” said the official.

He said using the software, all 649 tax circles will be linked to the mobile app.

Through this app, anyone will be able to check whether the tax payment certificate is genuine or effective, or an expired one.

“Even with the app, it’ll be possible to lodge complaint with the respective tax circle,” he said.

The NBR official hoped when the businessmen see the customers are checking whether they have paid taxes or not, they will feel encouraged to pay their taxes.

“As a result, the revenue collection will be increased and the tax evasion cases will come down,” he said.

Through the app, it would be possible to check the status of tax payment and the certificate will automatically be cancelled in absence of regular payment.

Ineffective certificate means the particular person or organisation does not pay tax. “There’s no need to provide extra information in this regard,” the NBR official said.

He also mentioned that the NBR is trying hard to increase the number of taxpayers to 1 crore within the next two years. As part of the initiative, a tax survey has started.

“Enhancing capability in technology will help us bring more dynamism into tax administration,” the official said.

Currently, the number of TIN holders in the country is around 4.0 million where only 2.0 million submit their income tax return, which is very much lower comparing to other countries of the world, reports UNB.


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